BL: 1774

Terms of the transactions with WebMoney

To carry out the transactions with WebMoney, client has to:

  1. Establish a payment with the protection code at the exchanger purses that would be given by administrator. You have also to indicate in comments the name and passport details of the recipient of money.
  2. To receive the money you have to show your passport. Directly during the transaction we are checking passport details of the recipient and comparing them with filed in comments, checking the protection code and after that transferring cash to the client.
  3. If the passport data differ from those filed in comments, payment is returned to the client.
  4. Without a passport transaction can not be done.
  5. Commission of the WebMoney System for transfer to the exchanger (0.8%) is paid by applicant.
  6. Client’s personal data are confidential and can’t be disclosed, except receiving official requests from WebMoney Arbitration or law enforcement.