BL: 1774

The procedure for obtaining personal passport:

  1. 1. To get personal WebMoney passport, first you have to get a free formal passport. If you already have it, you can skip this item.

    To get first formal passport, you need to fill in your personal information online on To enter the personal area of the site, you must be running WebMoney Keeper Classic, or set WebMoney Keeper Light. After moving to the site click "Login" and type in the code from the image.

    After the entry the filling form will be opened. Fill in personal data of the owner of the certificate. Enter your passport data, address, phone (will be checked!). Make sure you are filling in all information exactly as in the passport, without abbreviations and errors. If your passport has also Russian spelling - write in down too. The series of passport should be written in large letters. We repeat: do not abbreviate anything, including the place of issue of the passport, otherwise you will have to rewrite the applying form!

    If the applicant is under 18, the issuance of the certificate would be hold in the presence of a parent with a passport.

    Attention! Complete the forms with actual passport data. All certificates with fictitious data would be recalled. Mark every "Done" button (next to each line of text) to hide the field of personal data. Your personal information will be closed from view for all but the trusted owners of WM identifiers. Required fields are marked with an asterisk [*]. Fields recommended for completing are marked with an asterisk [*] and may be used during certain actions, such as the withdrawal of funds from bank transfer system, when you make application for a payment card and others. After filling all the personal data click "Save". Now you are the owner of a formal certificate. The announcement of this operation will be sent to your email.

  2. 2. If you already have a formal certificate on select "Getting a new passport" - "Get personal certificate".

    To receive your personal certificate in Lviv select "Get Certificate", in line with assessors choose - Mastylo Denis WMID # 681326234411.

  3. 3. After selecting "Get Certificate" you have to contact us and specify the time of arrival to our office in Lviv. Pay for this service through WebMoney Merchant Wallet service for validation, and come to us with documents. Bring your passport, all other documents will be issued during the meeting.

  4. 4. After checking your entered information at Webmoney with your passport data and after the interview, you will get a personal Webmoney certificate.

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